Beaumont is a women-owned business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our firm was founded by Lori Barton and Gillian Scott in 2011. Together, Lori and Gillian have grown the business by assembling a team of highly-skilled professionals who offer a wealth of collective experience.

Years of ODD Experience
Asset Managers Evaluated
Risks Identified

Our Approach

At Beaumont, we recognize that critical areas of focus depend on the structure under review. For example, certain private equity or venture capital firms may be subject to less rigorous regulatory standards. Our experience allows us to expertly assess how these companies measure up relative to their peers. We do not employ a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We tailor our questions and report templates to deliver the most relevant and insightful information for each fund structure. We have developed specialized programs for due diligence on hedge funds, private equity, structured credit and managed accounts, and have experience evaluating other unique structures.

We have evaluated a broad range of strategies and structures. Our expertise also extends to vast differences in size and stage of development among asset managers. We have reviewed managers ranging from small start-up businesses to complex institutional investment advisory entities that stand among the largest in the world. We recognize that emerging managers may face different constraints than their more well-established peers.

Why Work With Us?

We view our client relationships as true partnerships. Our aim is to help facilitate rather than prevent investment. We will help you to calibrate operational risks, provide insight into best practices and common shortcomings, and make constructive suggestions to help you manage risk.